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Aprons for Restaurants & Hotels

There’s an apron here for everyone – be it a chef, server, bartender or hospitality worker. From traditional cuts to cutting-edge fashion with our Urban Collection, you’re sure to find the right apron to maximize the back of your house while styling up the front. Be sure to check out our cross-back suspender aprons – which take all of the stress off of the neck. Innovation is always at the vanguard of Chef Works creations.

Item:. LCBA
13,87 €
Item:. AWKV056
25,22 €
Item:. ACS01WHT
49,19 €
Item:. ABX01
44,14 €
Item:. ABS01WHT
46,66 €
Item:. ABS01SKY
46,66 €
Item:. AWS01BLK
31,52 €
Item:. AWS01IBL
31,52 €
Item:. AWS01MDB
31,52 €
Item:. AWS01SKY
31,52 €
Item:. ABS01MDB
46,66 €
Item:. ABS01IBL
46,66 €
Item:. ABS01BLK
46,66 €
Item:. AWN01
27,74 €
Item:. AHN01
31,52 €
Item:. ABX02
46,66 €
Item:. AWN02
31,52 €
Item:. AHN02
34,05 €
Item:. ABX03
46,66 €
Item:. AHN04
34,05 €
Item:. AIN01
36,57 €