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Bistro Aprons

This is the bistro apron your staff craves! With ample storage that can hold a tablet, a comfortable and secure flow -- plus a multitude of design options, your waitstaff or hospitality workers will look and feel their best in our bistro aprons.

Item:. LCBA
13,87 €
Item:. AIN01
36,57 €
Item:. ALWWT021
30,27 €
Item:. ALWAQ024
31,52 €
Item:. ALWKV023
23,96 €
Item:. ALWXX022
23,96 €
Item:. AW049
22,70 €
Item:. AW051
22,70 €
Item:. AW025
26,48 €
Item:. ASCF24
27,74 €
Item:. AW014PNS
13,87 €
Item:. F24
999,99 €
Item:. 122A
13,87 €
Item:. F24SHORT
11,34 €
Item:. B3
999,99 €
Item:. B4LG
12,60 €
Item:. REVF24
13,87 €