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Half Aprons

Designed with front-of-house and hospitality staff in mind, these highly-functional half aprons from Chef Works are built for comfort with a touch of class. Spruce up your brand with something from the Urban Collection, or stay classic and traditional. Either way, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Item:. AHN01
31,52 €
Item:. AHN02
34,05 €
Item:. AHN04
34,05 €
Item:. AHN03
37,83 €
Item:. AHWWT001
26,48 €
Item:. AHWAQ014
27,74 €
Item:. AHWKV013
21,43 €
Item:. ALWCD026
25,22 €
Item:. AHWXX012
22,70 €
Item:. AW046
20,18 €
Item:. AW044
20,18 €
Item:. AW048
20,18 €
Item:. AHWPT002
21,43 €
Item:. AW045
20,18 €
Item:. AW026
23,96 €
Item:. AW036
26,48 €
Item:. ASCW12
26,48 €
Item:. F28
999,99 €
Item:. B4
999,99 €