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New Culinary & Restaurant Apparel

The 2017 collection from Chef Works isn’t afraid to break the rules! With a subtle nod to underground supper clubs and cutting-edge chefs, this edgy collection takes the rules of culinary fashion and blows them up. The best part? These pieces are still as timeless as they are experimental!

Item:. CES04
75,69 €
Item:. AWKV056
25,22 €
Item:. CES05W
50,45 €
Item:. CBC01
37,83 €
Item:. CES02W
44,14 €
Item:. PEE01
47,93 €
Item:. CBZ01
47,93 €
Item:. PBN01
31,52 €
Item:. PEE02
46,66 €
Item:. PEC01
41,62 €
Item:. PBN01W
31,52 €
Item:. PBE01
47,93 €
Item:. PEN02W
46,66 €
Item:. PEN02
46,66 €
Item:. VNN01
44,14 €
Item:. VNN01W
44,14 €