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Avental de Cintura

These are the functional and fashionable waist aprons your waitstaff craves! Stylish, practical and guaranteed to fit any uniform program, waist aprons from Chef Works are perfect for servers, bartenders, spa attendants, florists and anyone in the hospitality industry. Look great! And be efficient in the process.

Item:. AWKV056
25,22 €
Item:. AWS01BLK
31,52 €
Item:. AWS01IBL
31,52 €
Item:. AWS01MDB
31,52 €
Item:. AWS01SKY
31,52 €
Item:. AWN01
27,74 €
Item:. AWN02
31,52 €
Item:. AWN03
31,52 €
Item:. AWCD016
22,70 €
Item:. AW047
17,65 €
Item:. AW054
17,65 €
Item:. AW050
18,91 €
Item:. F9
999,99 €